Oceanmania was created as a downloaded expansion pack to Volcanic Island  project, as part of personal testing and a decision to expand the original map without editing the primary content.

The project includes add-on ocean around the island, with over 25 different marine species animating around the island in different realistic depths, floating physics mechanics and reef features. Players will unlock an achievement every time they get close enough to a never-seen-before marine life.

  • Designed and polished the level and environment ocean design. These include researching references and planning, picking assets and materials for usage, creating AI for all the marine life, and animating them, sound selection and design, object placements and enhancements, collisions, post-processing, VFX, lighting and more.
  • Created and animated cinematic sequences and in-game cut-scenes, and converted into trailers.
  • Programmed game-play mechanics and physics mechanics.
  • Created and designed UI.
  • Regular play-testing, debugging and polishing.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Platforms: PC.