Volcanic Island


Volcanic Island was created as a semester-end level design project assignment as part of my studies in Shenkar Academy (game development program).

The project includes three modes: Day mode, storm(night) mode, and journey on a boat that travels around the island.

The tropical environment includes a huge erupting volcano, dock, boats, ocean, lighthouse, foliage, wildlife and weather system, and is inspired by Stromboli volcanic island in Italy.

  • Designed and polished all level and environment design. These include researching references and planning, picking assets and materials for usage, sound selection and design, object placements and enhancements, optimization, collisions, VFX, post-processing, lighting and more.
  • Created and animated cinematic sequences and in-game cut-scenes, and converted into trailers.
  • Created and designed UI and main menu.
  • Regular play-testing, debugging and polishing.
  • Presentation of the level design.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Platforms: PC.