Abandoned Subwa​y


Abandoned Subway was created as a personal virtual reality (VR) escape room style project with Unreal Engine 4.

Throughout the game, the player will need to pick up and interact with objects to solve puzzles in order to advance and try to escape the flooded subway station (for example, pick up coins and carry them to the vending machine for usage, or climb a ladder and spin a valve to stop a leak).

The scene creation was greatly influenced by Unreal Engine “Reflections” showcase from 2014, I tried to recreate it with a personal twist and enhance it for VR, I used Quixel Mixer/Bridge, and made it more of a fun escape room experience. 

  • Designed and polished level and environment design. These include researching references and planning, virtual reality testing, picking assets and materials for usage, sound design, lighting, object placements and enhancements, optimization, collisions, VFX, post-processing and more.
  • Created and animated cinematic sequences and in-game cut-scenes, and converted into trailers.
  • Regular VR play-testing, debugging, and polishing through Mixed Reality and Oculus headsets.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Platforms: PC, VR.