Requiem scenes were created as part of freelance work.

The levels are inspired by a specific “Requiem for a dream” scene that was requested to be referenced by the client ordering, the final order included two primary 80’s style customized cutscenes (one during the day, and the other at night), for a final academy graduation movie his class was working on.

The creation process was quick and took a few hours of work.

  • Designed and polished the levels and environment design. These include researching references from the movie and planning with the buyer, picking assets and materials for usage, object placements and enhancements, post-processing, VFX, lighting, and more.
  • Created and animated two cinematic sequences and converted them into short movies.
  • Polishing and improving the levels and cutscenes based on the buyer’s feedback.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Platforms: PC.

Buyer Review: “Nissai was amazing to work with! such a nice person, very professional, he made sure that everything is done by my requests and I am very satisfied with his services, I highly recommend him and I definitely will come back to work with him!” (Fiverr)